5 held for murder

Five suspects, including three females, have been arrested by the Wenchi Police in the Brong Abafo Region for allegedly conspiring to murder a 49-year-old woman at Abotereye, near Wenchi.

The deceased, identified as Seta Issifu, was allegedly attacked by the suspects while she was collecting firewood from a farm belonging to a friend.

The suspects are Kojo Zirenye, 15; Kwasi Monane, 10; Ama Maabo, 35; Priscilla Luton, 15, and Yaa Dontonton, 25.

According to ASP Saviour Ahiamadi, the suspects allegedly hit the woman with a piece of wood after pushing her onto a tree stump on the farm.

He explained that while the deceased was collecting firewood, she was confronted by Zirenye because he was also interested in the firewood, but the deceased told him that she had the express permission of the owner of the farm to do so.

The explanation offered by the deceased did not go down well with Zirenye, who teamed up with the other suspects to quarrel with her.

According to the police, in the process, they allegedly pushed her down and hit her with firewood until she became unconscious.

She was pronounced dead when she was rushed to the Wenchi Hospital.

Meanwhile, the suspects are being processed for court on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and murder.

Source: Daily Graphic