Sometimes, we mistake mere physical attraction for emotional attachment. A lot of time we might not even realise that love is not the only ingredient that keeps a relationship alive.

A person might be interested only in a physical relationship and romance is just a mere masquerade to keep the relationship going. Wouldn't it be great if we could find out if a partner is in the relationship only for sex and not for love?

Here are five subtle signs to help distinguish between love and lust.

When two people are in love, physical intimacy makes them feel fulfilled. It is not a good sign if you feel empty after having sex with your partner and you fail to overcome your intuition that something is missing.

If you are deeply in love and still feel so, it’s time to share your concern with your partner. Maybe, there is something missing in the relationship.

Just like love, friendship too is an important part of a relationship. If a person is in a relationship only for sex, he or she will hardly make an effort to consider you as a friend.

When we are in love with a person, we want to share everything—good, bad and the ugly—with him or her. However, a person would never consider you as a part of his life if he is in a relationship just for physical intimacy.

Your partner is never there whenever you need him or her during an emotional distress and you end up approaching other friends for support. You have a great sex life and your partner is hardly concerned about the lack of emotional attachment. This should be a warning sign that your partner is in the relationship only for sex.

You guys spend most of your time in the bedroom making love. Your partner hardly makes any plans for the weekend and his or her idea of a good time is about spending time together in the bed. Isn’t it a telltale sign that he or she might not be in love with you but is there only for physical gratification?

Getting your partner’s attention is no less than struggle for you but the moment you want to have sex, he or she seems the most interested. In fact, your partner and you talk the most only before and after having sex and otherwise there is hardly any communication. This means physical intimacy is the ruling factor in the relationship.