The family of a five-year-old is appealing for support for the physically-challenged girl to acquire an artificial leg so she can walk naturally as well as play with other children.

Princess Duku was born with a deformity that forces her to hop around on one leg as her right leg is suspended at the knee level.

The little girl’s condition has been attributed to pregnancy epilepsy.

With the assistance of a cousin who lives with the family of five made up of her grandma, mother and three siblings, she is strapped to and from school.

This means, whenever her cousin is unable to go to school, the little girl in the company of her mates, has to hop to and from school, which is about 30 minutes walk from home.

Though the girl seems used to her mobility challenge, she tells JoyNews, she is hopeful of an opportunity to walk and run like other children.

JoyNews’ Emefa Atiamoah-Eli reports that the cost of an artificial prosthesis has been of great concern to the mother of the physically challenged girl, hence the decision to appeal for support.

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