Some 600 first year female students selected from Junior and Senior High Schools in three districts of the Central Region would receive bursary to support their education.

The districts are Gomoa West, Mfantseman and Abura Aseibu Kwamankese districts.

Mr David Nkrumah Boateng, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager of Camfed Ghana, a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Canada, announced this at the launch of Camfed and Master Card Foundation partnership in Gomoa West at Dawurampong on Friday.

He said 450 students would be given school bags, shoes, mathematical sets, exercise books, soap, school uniforms, pens, pencils, calculators, and sanitary pads.

Mr Boateng said the aim of the programme was to assist girls whose parents genuinely could not afford to finance their education.

Parents whose children would be selected would also be given financial support to help sustain the programme.

Nana Ogyedom Ama Tsetsewa I, Osumpahen of Akyempim Traditional Area who chaired the function, later inaugurated a nine–member District Education Committee.

Mr Theophilous Adu-Mensah, District Chief Executive for Gomoa West, urged all stakeholders to desist from politicizing the programme to enable it achieve its desire.

He expressed the hope that the programme would help reduce teenage pregnancy in the district and curb the spread of HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Source: GNA


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