Ghana is to receive a grant of $65 million from the World Bank to support skills training of one million youth in the country including persons with disability.

The support will be channelled through the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency, GYEEDA, previously known as the National Youth Employment Programme, NYEP.

The re-branding and restructuring, authorities say, is to make the youth skills training programme competitive as well as make the job market easily accessible to beneficiaries.

Youth Enterprise Development project, an initiative between NYEP and World Bank is to support one million youth mainly in agriculture and ICT over three years. The programme is designed to encourage self-employment and as such will support one thousand and forty youth business entities across the country.

However, as of today, the National Youth Employment Programme no longer exists. The name Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency has come to replace it.

Executive Director of GYEEDA, Abuga Pele, told Joy News the name change will stabilise the programme just like any other government agency and have “suggested new funding structures with a provision in the legislative framework for various sectors of the economy to contribute some percentage to GYEEP”. The name change is as a result of a cabinet directive.

GYEEDA has also taken on a new logo and additional training modules aimed at reaching youth in rural areas. “We have expanded the Trades and Vocation module. Now we have Aqua Culture taking care of the Volta and Greater Accra Regions.

In the north, additional modules like shea nut processing as well as bamboo processing in the Eastern and Ashanti Regions,” Abuga Pele said.
Over five hundred thousand youth are said to have benefited from the youth employment programme since 2009 and are providing social and economic services throughout the country.

The youth skills training programme, primarily, is to take charge of character-forming activities of the youth in order to fine-tune them to be development oriented. One of common challenges facing the scheme since its inception has been the delay in paying allowances of beneficiaries.

However, according to the Executive Director of GYEEDA, plans are far advanced to clear all arrears owed the beneficiaries by the end of the year.


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