The Institute of International Affairs, Ghana has expressed concern over the lack of record-keeping in the West African sub-region.

According to them, a large part of the sub-region’s history has been lost or in danger of being lost due to the fact that “the record that exists is not easily accessible, is often tainted by bias and anecdote, often consists of top line summaries only and is not disseminated or popularized.”

They said this in reaction to the death of Former President Jerry John Rawlings who they described as a “charismatic, lightening rod figure who charged Ghana and the sub-region for over 2 decades.”

According to them, an entire library of West African diplomatic and strategic affairs have been lost with the death of the President and cannot be redeemed.

“Indeed, a major repository of the key record of diplomatic and strategic affairs in West Africa has been lost, as outlined in this obituary from the Guardian,” a statement from the Institute read.

They have however expressed their sympathies with the family of the late Former President and the Ghanaian people.

“We wish his family and loved ones, and the people of Ghana, our deepest sympathies.”