Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has armed himself for battle, and waded into the fight against Real Madrid on Tuesday 19th October as he warms up for the Champions League showdown.

“I am working really hard and I am killing myself for my team-mates. If they win, then I win too, and so this is the most important,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Reports in the build-up to the clash which will be telecast live on Multi TV claimed Ibrahimovic was suffering from a groin strain. He believes they are just rumours to destabilise the atmosphere.

“How am I? I am very well. So many things have been invented over my condition in this period.

“I like being in Italy again, and there is a great atmosphere in the Milan camp. Everyone agrees with each other and it’s nice.”

Points are not willingly given in the Champions League, but taken, and one coach who knows that trade best is Jose Mourinho.

“He is an intelligent person and very well prepared. I would say he was exaggerated if he was not such a winner,” he said.
“When I was at Inter he knew how to get the best from me.”

Meanwhile former Real Madrid star Robinho says he would love to score against his former club.

The Brazilian ace played for Real Madrid in 2008 before leaving for Manchester City. He moved to Milan this summer and is now making a strong appeal to his current side to repress the Spanish challenge.

“I would love to score a goal in the Champions League against Real Madrid,” he told Marca. “But it’s not important for me to score, as long as we can win. I want to score important goals, but also give my assistance to the team.

“If we can win at the Bernabeu then it will give us massive confidence and an understanding of our own strengths.”

Real Madrid vs. AC Milan at the Bernabeu will be live on Joy Sports and Adom TV on October 19, 2010. Pre-match discussion is at 6:15PM. Kick- off: 6:45PM.

Source: Multi TV Sports Desk


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