The Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP) has kicked against plans by government to merge the operations of Tema Oil Refinery and Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company (BOST).

The Centre believes this has the potential to collapse the refinery and marketing of petroleum products in Ghana.

Government last year announced plans to merge the two institutions as part of efforts to revamp the once vibrant national oil refinery.

The plan would allow BOST supply TOR with crude oil while TOR would, in turn, sell to BOST after refinery.

Executive Director of the Centre, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam tells JOY BUSINESS the deal if pursued would not be in the interest of the economy.

"TOR has a specific role to play, but it does not operate as a retailer, this is why we have several Oil Marketing Company (OMCs) because of the de-regulator regime we have,"Dr. Amin explained. 

He said if TOR becomes a trader on the domestic market, it would kill the OMCs emphasizing that BOST is supposed to keep strategic reserves for the country and not trade adding, "BOST is forcing OMCs to take refined products from it."

"By doing that you are killing the downstream petroleum industry which we have all suffered to build through which we have many Bulk Distribution Company (BDCs) and OMCs who are providing jobs and paying taxes so that arrange should be stopped as it is not in our interest." 



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