Achimota School

The Governing Board of the Achimota School has announced its decision to appeal the ruling by the Human Right Division of the Accra High Court, ordering it to admit the two Rastafarian students.

This was contained in a statement signed by Chairman of the Board on Tuesday, June 1.

The statement further noted that, “the governing Board of Achimota School was represented in court yesterday, 31 May 2021, and has learned of the outcome of the case brought against it by two persons who had earlier applied to be admitted to the School. The court ruled that the religious rights of the the applicants had been violated by the School Management as they sought to enforce time-tested and well-known rules of the School. the court further directed the School to admit the two applicants.”

“The School Board disagrees with the ruling of the court. The School Board has therefore directed its Lawyers to appeal against the ruling,” the statement emphasised.

Yesterday, May 31, 2021, a Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court presided over by Justice Gifty Agyei Addo ruled that the fundamental human rights of the two students cannot be limited by the rules in question.

This was after two Rastafarian students, Tyrone Iras Marhguy and Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea dragged the Achimota School Board of Governors, the Minister of Education, Ghana Education Service, and the Attorney General to court for refusing to enroll them with the explanation that they had to shave their dreadlocks in accordance with the School’s regulations.

Justice Gifty Agyei argued that she doesn’t think the Achimota School and proponents, including GES and the Attorney General’s Department, have made a compelling argument as to why those two students should not be admitted, especially given their rights to education as well as their rights to express their religious freedom.

The ruling was much welcome to many social media users who thought it was in the right direction to building a more progressive educational system in the country.

However, there were concerns from the general public of the victimisation of the students should they report to school.

Reacting to such comments, Tyrone Marhguy, said he also had fears of being victimized at school.

He was, however, optimistic that with the support of his family and loved ones, he will sail through peacefully. “With the support of my parents and loved ones I should be able to handle it amicably.”

Meanwhile, his father has intimated that there will need to be further conversations at home with his ward and other family members on whether Tyrone should further his education at Achimota School or not.

In the face of this new development, it is uncertain if the parents of Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea would allow their children to attend school at Achimota.