Member of Parliament for Wa West and Supt. Peter Lanchene Toobu (Rtd) has challenged the Ghana Police Service to adapt to the evolving operations of criminals in combating crime.

His comments come as some residents of Kumasi raise concerns over what they say is the rising insecurity situation in the region.

A woman was shot dead by unknown gunmen Tuesday night, and over the last few days a teacher has been beheaded and a woman driving a Range Rover, shot.

Some residents have called on the police service to intensify their operations at Kumasi to ensure their safety.

“They are so dangerous that even as at 5.30 am, you could be attacked. At 9.00 too some of the street lights are not functioning.

“It’s a bit scary at the moment because from recent happenings at Kumasi it’s very scary. Security in Kumasi is very poor and it also applies to nationwide security,” said some residents.

The Wa West MP says the police must up it is game.

“The statistics look good but too violent crimes can be committed that will just totally obliterate the safety over 50 of them that was committed in the past because of the modus operandi. The modus operandi is creating fear and panic amongst people communities so we should be up and doing,” he said.