Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Limited, a member of the Advans Group, says it has achieved a significant milestone after serving its 500,000th client.

“This outstanding achievement confirms the Advans Group’s impact in terms of serving MSMEs and low-income populations,” a statement said.

Since the creation of Advans SA in 2005, Advans institutions have been providing loans, deposits and other financial services to clients in developing and emerging economies in Africa and Asia.

“Today, the Luxembourg-based investment company has created seven fully-operational green fields and is also the lead shareholder in the Cambodian MFI Amret. Sharing common goals, values and best practices, the institutions of the Advans group work together to ensure that they provide quality customer service, offer innovative new products and reach out to the maximum number of clients,” the statement.

In his statement to celebrate the milestone, Claude Falgon, Director of Advans SA said, “We are proud to say that our affiliates are able to reach out to over half a million clients across Africa and Asia, providing access to financial services for MSMEs who have previously had limited or no access to formal banking services. In catering for these MSMEs, the Advans Group supports both economic and social development in the countries in which it operates. Over the coming years we plan to further consolidate and expand our network, improving our impact and outreach and diversifying our services. This milestone achievement has been made possible through the hard work of our dedicated staff and the continued support of our shareholders and we will continue to work together in the future to reach out to those who are excluded from traditional banking systems.”