Pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) is calling for a ban on school children from participating in the country's Independence Day parades.

The group described as "primitive", the annual ritual of having school children match on Independence Day.

AFAG’s call comes after hundreds of school children, who participated in the parade to mark Ghana’s 57th Independence Day anniversary on Thursday, March 6, 2014, were socked with rain after a heavy down-pour that nearly marred the celebrations.

The rain started moments after President Mahama began inspecting the parade. It forced the cancellation of some of the activities that were lined up for the day.

Although the President defied the heavy rain to light the perpetual flame, school children, who were to undertake the march past had to abandon the parade grounds for shelter.

But AFAG maintained that the ‘unfortunate’ incident must not be repeated in the country’s history.

In an interview with CitiNews, Director of Operations for AFAG, Abu Ramadan said the leadership must move away from the status quo and find more creative ways of involving the children in the Independence Day celebration.

He cited how lots of the children collapse out of dehydration due to the long hours standing to buttress his point.

Abu Ramadan said AFAG will launch a crusade to put pressure on government to stop the practice.