Outspoken NPP member and MP for Assin North, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has welcomed the arrest of embattled NDC financier, Alfred Agbesi Woyome and wants the arrest of some ex-government officials implicated in the EOCO report.

According to Kennedy Agyapong, any action by the state that will get to the bottom of the Woyome saga must be appreciated and welcomed by every Ghanaian regardless of one’s political affiliation.

He said it will be unfair to Alfred Woyome if he is the only one arrested while other government officials implicated in the EOCO report over the controversial GHS58 million judgment debt paid to Woyome walk free.

The arrest of Mr. Woyome was necessitated by assurances from President Mills that anybody found culpable in the raging Woyome judgment debt saga will face the law.

The Economic and Organized Crimes Office on Thursday presented to President Mills an interim report of its investigations on the matter, indicting Woyome of wrongfully suing the state when he had no basis whatsoever to do so.

Alfred Woyome has resigned his chairmanship of the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBBSI) to allow full investigations into the matter.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen on Friday soon after the arrest of Woyome, Ken Agyapong noted that the arrest of Woyome shows the law is now working but he should not go alone. ”I see the law is now working and I don’t care who is involved whether past or current officials.”

“It is sad Woyome does not think about Ghana and being led by money, money, money. He has now landed himself into trouble. Woyome is a nation wrecker who should not be countenanced at all,” ken said.

He stressed that some ex-government officials who were indicted in the EOCO report which was presented to the President, must also be arrested by the BNI to testify of what they knew of the Woyome saga. “Our own people who know about the deal must also be arrested to BNI and testify their side of the story. I know that the name Woyome has no contract with the government of Ghana but went ahead to claim money from the state”.

He also called for the immediate arrest of owner of Trassaco Valley, Tarraconi who he accused of also benefiting 38 million euros in judgment debt using the name of Waterville Engineering Company.

”Tarraconi must also be arrested for defrauding the country. His company has been compensated already but went ahead to claim another money from government. He is a fraudster and should not be left freely because he is a white. No!”

The NPP firebrand asserted that former Attorney General, Betty Mould Iddrisu who was involved in the payment of the money to Woyome must also be arrested immediately. “It is Betty Mould who put pressure on the Finance Minister to pay the money to Woyome so she is also culpable”.

Kennedy Agyapong said even though the arrest of Alfred Woyome is good news, it is an attempt by President Mills to exonerate himself and the party (NDC).

“Mills is just playing on the minds of Ghanaians by sacrificing Woyome and leaving out others. In politics, for a party like the NDC to be affected then someone must be sacrificed to save it. Mills is just sacrificing Woyome in order to save the NDC from shame and big disgrace but still Woyome deserves the treatment meted out to him,” he asserted.

He wondered why Waterville, clearly knowing that they had a contract and needed to be compensated, would use Woyome? ”You see Waterville knew they had nothing to claim from government of Ghana so they hid at the back of Woyome to claim cheap money from Ghana. Why is it that they gave power of attorney to Woyome to sue government for compensation instead of Waterville themselves?”

The Assin North MP who flayed President Mills over the Woyome saga called on him to remove Finance Minister Dr. Kwabena Duffour and Deputy A-G, Ebo Barton Oduro because they were all involved in the payment to Woyome. ”It will be unfair to Woyome if Betty, Barton Oduro, Duffour and others are not arrested for causing the nation dearly.”