Staff at the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) have kicked against management decision to reverse promotion of some staff.

The aggrieved staff were promoted to fill vacant positions because of restructuring in the organisation after Power Distribution Services (PDS), took over the management of ECG.

That take over by PDS has been terminated by the government after it found the concessionaire agreement with PDS invalid.

With the termination of power distribution, management of power now returns to ECG.

But government's decision to terminate the agreement meant almost all workers inherited from the ECG had to return to the ECG.

However, this is causing some consternation at ECG.

Those who remained at ECG say the reversal of the promotions is unfair. They have explained, former ECG staff took compensations to join PDS.

Their return to previously held positions is ‘having your cake and eat it’ JoyNews’ Fred Smith has reported.

Only 120 staff remained at ECG. About 6,000 are returning following the PDS fiasco.