Akuapem Poloo (credit: Instagram - @akuapem_poloo. Photo taken by: Chocolate Shot It)

A UK-based Ghanaian journalist Fred Oduro-Sarpong believes the 90-day sentence handed Akuapem Poloo by an Accra Circuit Court for posting nude pictures of her son is very lenient.

Speaking on Ghana Connect, he said that Akuapem Poloo erred on the side of the law and thus if a deterrent is being set it should be done the right way.

Mr Oduro-Sarpong told Evans Mensah that the social media sensation could have gotten up to three years in jail.

“I just feel that if we are going to set deterrent we should set it in the right way, I think this was a bit lenient on the judge’s behalf. The laws of the land, the Sexual Offence Act 2006 (15) and (16) states these things specifically there, and it is about time that youth get to know the rules or laws governing Ghana.”

Reacting to pleas fron some Ghanaians to get her pardoned, he said that just because Rosemond did not know she was committing a crime does not mean she gets to be spared.

“It is extremely important, yes she admitted that she made a mistake, however people should know these things before you go into them, ignorance of the law doesn’t really take you off the case.”

The journalist said that Ghanaian youth needed to learn more about the law to avoid getting caught up in similar complications.

“In my eyes, she should have gotten three years not three months. You do the crime, you do the time, however long or short,” he added.

Actress Akuapem Poloo, born Rosemond Brown’s conviction on Friday comes after she posted a naked picture with her son on Instagram celebrating his seventh birthday.

Handing her judgement, Christina Cann expressed discontent with the alarming rate with which nudity has become a thing in the country’s social media space.

The sentencing generated a lot of buzz with some school of thoughts claiming it is too harsh while others said she deserved it.

However, Fred Oduro-Sarpong said that people should be more concerned about the psychological effects the actress’ actions will have on her son.

“The psychology of the child that people don’t seem to focus on that’s what gets me, because we have seen a trend happening in Ghana where everything we take as a joke.”

“The law is explained as a joke and everybody thinks it’s free for all its about time we actually redress the rule of law in Ghana. Yes you can be emotional about it you can be ignorant about it but once you break the rule, the law has to deal with you.”

Also on the programme, renowned Ghanaian poet Chief Moomen said that the sentencing was harsh adding that the court cannot use the actress as a scapegoat.