All is set for the launch of Ghana’s maiden commercial private jet services to be operated from the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and managed by McDan Aviation.

The terminal will begin operations immediately after its launch on January 28, 2022.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show, Executive Chairman of McDan Group, Daniel McKorley, stated that the ultra-modern facility has been equipped to provide first-hand aviation services to all, especially the business class.

“The business class is going to see another level of aviation,” he said.

He also highlighted the benefits of the facility to the country, emphasising that its economic impact is enormous. He stated that the terminal will provide employment to over 500 people in the country.

Details on commercial private jet services

McDan Aviation in 2019 received a license to operate what can be described as the first purpose-built FBO, offering business aircraft operators a secure and private alternative to the airport’s main terminal for international travels. 

The facility will include a VIP lounge, a presidential suite, a crew lounge, and flight planning office as well as conference facilities and a hanger.

It will also have facilities that will allow passengers and crew to complete customers and immigration procedures in the same building in addition to a restaurant and in-flight catering.

According to the Executive Chairman of McDan Group, the facility will make it easier for travels across the region and the world by businesses wanting to quickly close deals and get back home.

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