The police have arrested Akudugu Asawin, a 46-year-old labourer, for allegedly murdering his younger brother, Dashmani Asawin, whom he accused of flirting with his wife Rebecca Alarribu, 36.

Dashmani, a worker at the Bawku Presby Hospital, was believed to have gone to the brother’s house on Monday to confront him over his decision to send his wife away from her matrimonial home for infidelity, resulting in a fight and subsequent death of Dashmani.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Alex Acquah, Bawku District Police Commander, confirmed the story to the GNA.

He said the couple who were married for the past sixteen years, had five children, whilst Dashmani, 36, lived closer to the couple’s house at Zawse.

ASP Acquah said on Sunday evening at about 1900 hours, Akudugu, who suspected that his wife was flirting with his brother, trailed them to a drinking spot in the community.

He said Alarribu and Dashmani parted company when they realized that Akudugu was pursuing them.

ASP Acquah said Dashmani and his brother, however, remained at the spot and under the influence of alcohol, Akudugu accused Dashmani of flirting with his wife.

The District Police Commander said a fight ensued between the two brothers and they were separated by onlookers.

He said when Akudugu returned home at about 2100 hours the same day, he asked his wife to leave his house but Dashmani pleaded on the woman’s behalf.

ASP Acquah said Alarribu finally left to her family house but at dawn on Monday, Dashmani went to Akudugu’s house and confronted him for driving away the woman.

He said a fight ensued between the two brothers and Akudugu hit Dashmani’s head and leg with a stick.

ASP Acquah said Dashmani died when some neighbours were sending him and his brother, who had also sustained severe injuries to the hospital.

Alarribu has, however, denied ever flirting with his brother-in-law.

The body of Dashmani has since been buried after a postmortem indicated that he died from multiple head injuries.

Source: GNA