Mr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive has warned teachers to desist from charging extra tuition fees because the assembly would no longer tolerate such unlawful act.

“With the abolition of the shift system in the metropolis, we do not expect any teacher to charge pupils for extra classes, we now have enough structures for an eight-hour-study,” he added.

Mr Vanderpuije gave the warning at a sod-cutting ceremony for the construction of a three-storey 18 classroom block for pupils of Shiayennor Cluster of Schools at Apenkwa in Accra on Thursday.

He commended Ghana Education Trust Fund for donating GH¢six million towards the Millennium City Schools Project geared towards ending the shift system in the metropolis.

Mr Vanderpuije reiterated AMA’s commitment towards ensuring that education became accessible to all children regardless of their background and social status.

“Towards this end, we have decided to maintain the policy to abolish the shift system and provide new facilities with computer laboratories and libraries among a host of other facilities for children,” he added.

Mr Vanderpuije announced that AMA was determined to construct 50 units of three-storey 18 classroom blocks in all the 11 Sub-metropolitan areas to end the shift system.

“These blocks will be furnished with computer laboratories, libraries, washrooms, hall for performing arts and a fully furnished teachers’ office,” he said.

Ayawaso Central and East, Ablekuma South and Central, La and Osu Klottey are some of the Sub-metros that had already benefited from the project.

Mr Vanderpuije urged the contractors to work according to specification and ensure quality standards while the projects were completed on schedule.

“It is our firm belief that by the time we are through with the project, educational standards would have improved for a Better Ghana,” he added.

Mrs Elizabeth Afosah-Anim, Greater Accra Regional Director of Education expressed appreciation to the AMA for the initiative that would increase contact or learning hours from four to eight.

“The project will help Ghana to attain the Millennium Development Goals on Education,” she added.

Source: GNA


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