Angry traders at Kantamanto have vowed to rebuild their sheds which were razed by fire Sunday morning.

Government is planning to rebuild the market to ensure a better safety standards and regulations and to put an end to the endless fire debacles that have engulfed the market.

But the traders maintain the proposal by government is just a ploy to take away their sheds from them.

On Monday hundreds of the traders who wore red armed bands and wielded machetes and other dangerous weapons claimed any attempt by government to build their sheds will be resisted even at the peril of their lives.

They told Joy News’ Ernestina Muliika that the Kantamanto market is for the poor, insisting, they do not have enough money to buy the new shops government intends to build.

They alleged that the market sheds will be sold to the highest bidder when completed and they are not ready to compete.

But the police say they will not allow any trader to build their own shop.

Greater Accra Police PRO DSP Freeman Tettey told Joy News’ Evans Mensah they have strict instructions to ensure that there is no reconstruction by the traders.

He said police personnel have been deployed to the remnants of what used to be the busy Kantamanto market to ensure that there is law and order.

He said they will enforce the law to the letter.

Meanwhile, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly has assured affected traders that they will be the first to be considered after reconstruction of the market.

Alfred Vanderpiuje said government is trying to put up a modernized market which will ensure better electrification and other safety standards.

As a way of mitigating the effects of the blaze on the traders, Vaderpuije said MASLOC has been contacted to provide soft loans for them to help bring them back on their feet.