The manager of the Edwenase Rehabilitation Center in Kumasi is asking the President to probe why state-camped destitutes have been left to their fate years with no subvention.

Modesto Ayiwole wonders why a nation will set up refuge and training center for the disadvantaged and leave them to the mercy of charity.

According to Ayiwole, the Center which houses over 70 persons with extreme disabilities has no budget lines and has gone three years without any subvention from government.

"This is a boarding institution and we have feeding to take care of, we pay for electricity and water plus other overhead costs. We did not receive any funds in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, we are entering the second quarter and we have not received anything," he revealed.

Burdened with cost and no budget, Mr. Ayiwole says the Center is at its tether's end and can't continue to rely on charity. 

Comparing the inmates to animals kept in sheds he says these beings will not be treated the way the state treats inmates of these rehabs.

Mr. Ayiwole was speaking to Luv News when members of the Kwadaso Executive Keep Fit Club made a donation to the Center. 

He thinks there’s a systemic failure that needs to be addressed by government immediately to treat inmates of such institutions some dignity.