Executive Director of CDD-Ghana, Prof. H. Kwasi Prempeh

The Executive Director of the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has taken a jibe at individuals and organisations who are pushing for the illegalisation of LGBTQ+ practices based on religious beliefs.

Prof H. Kwasi Prempeh made this statement at a webinar series organised by the Mandela Washington Fellowship Association of Ghana. He said the country is not practicing a theocracy government.

“Go and evangelize, go and spread the word of God, it doesn’t say go and commandeer the legislature of an earthly kingdom and force the kingdom of God to come down on them, because you think it’s time. This is completely going down the line of almost Theocracy and we are not [practicing] Theocracy.

So I don’t find it offensive that the pastor will preach and say that gay is a sin. I don’t have a problem with it. But what I have a problem with is to carry it from the pulpit to the Parliament house to try and commandeer the power of the State to legislate your belief, especially over a subject matter that knowledge is limited,” he stated.

Thus, no Association or individual should try and impose their beliefs and values on the nation since salvation is a personal affair.

“I say, fine, nobody is saying that you may not use your pulpit to preach [against it], if you believe strongly and your faith tells you that this is a sin and you must preach against it, that is your right and the constitution permits you to do that.

The country has been divided since the Ningo – Prampram legislator, Sam George and 7 other Members of Parliament presented the LGBTQ+ Bill to Speaker, Alban Bagbin.

As some readily accepted the 36-page bill, others kicked sternly against it, tagging it as intolerant.

For people or Associations that have openly castigated gay practices, their argument has been based on either religious beliefs or cultural values.

But Prof Prempeh insists that the Bill is a foul one that proliferates intolerance and hatred.

He added that even though divine scriptures have instructed believers to win souls, Christians have not been charged to commandeer the institution that is supposed to serve the interest of the citizenry.

“Even if you look at it from the view of the Great Commission which commands us to go out and win souls. This is not how it said it should be done.

He further noted that the country is threading on a “slippery slope” considering how “extremist” the Bill is.

Highlighting portions of the Bill which bans people from advocating for gay practices, the Executive Director said it infringes on Freedom of Speech and the Right to join any association as stated in the supreme laws of the land.