Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Prestea Huni Valley, Isaac Dasmani says work is almost complete for the resettlement of the displaced victims of the Apeatse explosion.

Currently, the government is putting up some structures and tents in Apeatse to accommodate the over 900 displaced victims.

Speaking to JoyNews, on Monday, Mr. Dasmani said work is 80% complete for the resettlement of the victims.

“If you look at the work that they’ve done, they have done about 80% and I’m sure by tomorrow we will get the rest done. We will make sure latest by Wednesday, maybe we will move them here. We have put all the tents, we have a big structure here that contains all the victims. We have provided a washroom around here and we are also going to put up some shed here where they can cook and some extra more shed. It’s better they move in here, you identify some of the minor challenges and we deal with them later,” he said.

The displaced victims are currently being accommodated at the St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Bogoso.

According to the MCE, resettlement is necessary to allow for the privacy of the victims and enough space for medical attention.

“If you look at here as compared to where they are, where people come in and invade their privacy to see what they are doing and all of that. So I think once they get here, they have that kind of privacy and all the agencies such as the psychiatrists and psychologists, will be able to have time for them, because we have open clinic here that can also take care of them… we are looking at where they can be comfortable and freer than where they are now,” he told JoyNews’ Maxwell Agbagba.

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