Leaders in the country have been urged to turn to God for guidance and solutions to problems instead of seeking help from evil powers.

Apostle Sam Darko, head of the Apostles Mis­sion Church (AMC) made the call at a church ser­vice held last Sunday to climax activities marking the celebration of the Feast of .Passover at the church’s headquarters at Dawidkrom near Manfe-­Larteh in the Eastern Region.

“Ghana is currently facing problems as a result of certain evil powers,” he said, contending that “leaders, including politicians, chief executives, managers, religious leaders and traditional chiefs ­have sought assistance to gain power or get rich quick”.

Apostle Sam Darko said “as a result of the lust of some leaders for power and money, they have gone to seek assistance from blood-thirsty pow­ers. The current spate of accidents resulting in the loss of lives can be attributed to these blood thirsty spiritual forces”.

He said it was only when our leaders stopped the practice of seeking powers and assistance from such blood-sucking spirits and instead turned to God that such unfortunate accidents and hardships would cease.

He said it was sad that some religious leaders who should preach nothing but the truth, were not able to do so, be­cause they also stood accused of working under the power of blood sucking powers.

“Unless leaders stop the practice, a time is surely com­ing when the nation will be plunged into a state of anarchy as experienced in some neighbouring countries. If it so hap­pens, it is only the righteous ones who would escape. So it is better we turn.away from our sinful ways and seek the true God,” he said.

Apostle Sam Darko reiterated an earlier appeal to President Atta Mills’ administration not to seek vengeance and urged the opposition groups and the media not to insult the President.

Source: Ghanaian Times..