There is still uncertainty over when the Ashanti Regional branch of the NPP will go to congress to elect leaders for the region.

Expectations among the party’s executive that a court injunction holding back the congress would be lifted were dashed when the judge decided to adjourn the case.

According to Nhyira FM’s Ohemeng Tawiah, former constituency chairman for Asante Akyem North, Nana Adu Asabre, secured an injunction to restrain executives from holding the congress without constituencies where the election of executives has been delayed as a result of litigation.

Counsel for the defendant, Denis Adjei, pointed out that the NPP constitution allows for one-third of delegates to form a quorum for the conduct of elections.

He prayed the court to give a ruling on the matter to avoid unnecessary cost and expenditure.

National Chairman Peter Mac Manu told the court that elections have been held in all regions but the Ashanti Region.

He said since the NPP constitution prescribes a one-month interval between the last regional election and national congress, any further delay will negatively affect the party’s calendar.

Counsel for plaintiff Owusu Sekyere quoted Article 7(13) of the NPP constitution to support his call for the injunction order to be maintained to enable constituency executive committees take part in national delegates congress.

Reports say not even a plea by Mr Mac Manu could move the presiding judge to change his mind.

The Ashanti Regional chairman, Robert Yaw Amankwaa, said the party will respect the court’s decision.


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