Families of police officers stationed at Aveyime in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region are demanding transfer for their spouses following several threats on their lives by indigenes. 

According to the wives of these police officers, they continue to endure verbal abuse and threats by indigenes who believe a police officer was responsible for the death of a commercial motor rider in the area.

Speaking to Joy News' Fred Quame Asare, the families expressed anxiety following a violent demonstration at the station which nearly resulted in deaths.

Police officers in the area are unable to carry out their duties effectively because they feel unsafe.

The situation is even worse for officers living outside the barracks. They are compelled to stay at home all day out of fear of being attacked by the residents. 


On the 11th of August, Okada riders and angry indigenes embarked on a violent demonstration at the premises of the Aveyime Police station, threatening to deal with police officers in the area.

They shattered windscreens of police vehicles parked at the station and made away with 18 unregistered motorbikes seized by the police officers.

The action by the indigenes follows the death of a commercial motor rider who was reported to have met his untimely death in an accident after he was chased by a police Navara Pick Up

The incident was reported on a local radio station, Klenam FM, which got the indigenes even more incensed. 

Indigenes of Battor, Aveyime and other neighboring communities who already had hatred for the police for ceasing their unregistered motorbikes joined in the demonstration. 

With reports that the deceased will be buried on Friday, Police have picked up intelligence suggesting there will be another round of attack by the angry residents.

But the Volta Regional Police Commander, ACP Asimah Hinneh who spoke to Joy News has called for calm.

He charged the residents to be law abiding even in the wake of the sad incident.

He promised the police administration will conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of the motor rider and take action if the police personnel on duty are found to have breached the law and procedures.

His admonition notwithstanding, the threats from the residents continue unabated.

One of the officers who resides outside the barracks had his pigs slaughtered and family almost beaten. But for the intervention of his landlord things would have been deadly.

This has brought anxiety to the families who believe the only remedy for the situation is a transfer from the area.