Social media users are displeased with singer Becca‘s comment regarding their condemnation of racial injustice in the United States of America.

The ‘No Away’ singer called Africans ‘Hypocrites’ for turning a blind eye to tribalism in marriages, nepotism and xenophobia and rather fighting racism.

“You are here in Africa fighting and advocating racism in the US but in your church/home, you are criticising and judging someone for marrying a fellow African because they are not from your hometown/country/church… Damn Hypocrites!!!,” Becca wrote.

Some social media users are not pleased with the artistes comparism between murder and tribalim inmarrigaes.

Reacting to the post actress Ama K Abeberese said she also believes that tribalism is bad, however, it does not equate to murder and racial injustice that people have suffered for years.

Some people also supported Becca’s post.

However, some people believe Becca’s post is insensitive especially when people have died of murder because of racial injustice.

Others said that although she has a point her timing is inappropriate.

Some users also said Becca herself has not been vocal about the tribalism she is advocating for.

Actress Lydia Forson also added that it was important for Becca to use her huge platform to begin talks on racism.