A new clothing-line specially tailored to meet the demands of today’s corporate worker, BEFITTING, has been launched in Accra.  

This is exclusively targetted at today’s corporate executive that places premium on looking smart and trendy in his or her dressing to execute office duties. The company behind the concept is sfBG which produces, markets and distributes the  corporate attire on retail and wholesale basis for both local and export markets.

BEFITTING is poised to break new grounds in Ghana’s fashion industry with commercialization of office-clothing made of suiting fabrics, shirt fabrics, chiffon and non-print fabric suitable for office work.  Its range of designs include: Shirts, Jackets, Dresses, Skirts, Chiffon Tops and Maternity wears suitable for executive purposes. These are professionally-made by seasoned Ghanaian tailors to give consumers the confidence they need to accomplish their tasks at the office.

[The Joy Business Van was at the production house of the Befitting clothing line. Listen to the report]

The products come at a more affordable prices compared with imported ones and even though produced in Ghana with that indigenous touch, they also match any international label.

JOY BUSINESS caught up with the CEO, Linda Afua Asantewaa at the launch where she explained what the brand stands for.       

“What makes BEFITTING unique is that we give you clothes with executive stylishness and excellent finishing. This is from Africa, this is from Ghana. Also we have a certain African insight with international standards. The world has seen everything the West has and now Africa is also coming with our creativity. So its creativity from the African perspective but of course with international standards,” she noted.  

Afua Asantewaa also added that the business perfectly fits into government’s local content agenda.

“I am a big fan of us producing things for ourselves as well as the export market. I believe in patronizing made-in-Ghana goods and this is a major inspiration for in what I’m doing now. Furthermore, this is expected to create huge employment opportunities especially for fashion industry players, sale and marketing professionals as well as general entrepreneurs,” she concluded.