On Good Friday, April 15, a mammoth gathering of Christians was held at the Independence Square.

Dubbed “Good Friday Miracle Service,” the gathering attracted thousands of people who filled the entire Independence Square. 

In an opinion piece titled, “What really happened on good Friday?” published by the Lighthouse Chapel, it is stated that Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, an evangelist popular for his Healing Jesus Campaigns in Africa, preached a sermon on “The Mysterious Accomplishment of Jesus Christ”.

“He opined that the gruesome ordeal God’s Son went through was to accomplish certain things; temptation, pressure, betrayal, sorrow and accusations to mention a few. He stated that Christians should also go through these when following Christ,” the opinion piece indicated.

The Bishop is also reported to have, “prayed for the gathering and also prayed specifically for the sick to be healed. Several people testified that they had been healed of various ailments.”

The piece also indicated that, “after the Good Friday Miracle Service, news spread about the sudden passing away of Dr David Heward-Mills.

“David Heward-Mills was the first son of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. David was a medical doctor residing and working in the United State of America.

Despite the news of the death, the Bishop has displayed immense and commendable faith in God in the face of adversity and great loss. He encouraged his congregation to not lose faith in God,” the opinion piece concluded.

The Service was led by some Bishops of Charismatic denominations, the multitude prayed for the nation, Ghana, specifically for President Akufo Addo, the Executive, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the people of Ghana. Prayers were also offered for the salvation of people in all nations.

A ten-thousand-member choir sang songs to mark the theme. The well-organised gathering witnessed record-breaking numbers in attendance.