Soldiers have descended on police officers in the Northern regional capital Tamale after one of their own was allegedly beaten.

The soldiers allegedly attacked any police officer found in the dark blue uniform in what appeared to be a free-for-all-fight among the security professionals.

Martina Bugri reported a soldier was picked up by the police for allegedly beating his wife. But he managed to escape and mobilize his colleagues for a reprisal.

That physical response has been bloody. Several officers are nursing head injuries. Blood oozing over their heads have stained the uniforms of some of the officers.

The angry police officers have retreated and are reportedly planning to launch their own reprisal.

The attacks and counter-attacks confirm escalating tension among the two security officers in the region.

This is the second clash between the two security personnel. In March this year, there was a clash between the two security teams. the IGP and the Regional security council set up a committee to probe the incident. Its findings are yet to be released.

The police and military command in the Northern region are meeting over the latest outbreak of violence.

Expect more….

bloody clash among soldiers and police