Turf Cricket Academy in Achimota have received cricket equipment from Borstal Cricket Club in the United Kingdom.

The equipment included batting pads, helmets, batting gloves, bats, trainers, stumps and assorted clothing. After the presentation, the children were allowed to try them to test the durability of their new equipment by playing a game among themselves.

Dr Andrew Boye, who did the presentation at the Achimota School Cricket oval promised that his outfit is ready to consistently present more equipment  and also encourage that the equipment are  well looked after and maintained for their  regular use.

“We Borstal are looking forward to build on this relation where in future Turf club could travel to play Borstal in the UK and vice versa. This game requires a lot of discipline and I therefore encourage any you the players to be disciplined”. He said

President of Turf Cricket Academy, Frank Yao who received the cricket equipment, thanked Borstal Cricket Club and Dr. Boye for all his efforts and promised that the kit will be well looked after, and promised that Academy will put the kit to good use.

“We will be grateful if our team is invited to the United Kingdom to play Borstal and I believe you will help us nurture this budding partnership with Borstal.”Yao said