Salem Kalmoni is the Managing Director of Japan Motors, Ghana

The Managing Director of Japan Motors says the automobile industry in the country is in a mess because it is uncontrolled.

Salem Kalmoni is worried about how people are allowed to import damaged, rejected and old cars without restrictions into the country.

In an interview with JoyBusiness, he described it as chaotic adding the situation is not good for the country.

He said 10years should be a reasonable cut off for vehicles allowed into the country.

“There need to be rules because as vehicles age, they deteriorate,” he said.

A government policy has been passed to stop and control the import of damaged and Junk from other countries.

According to him, car manufacturing companies assembling in the country need to enjoy some tax incentives.

“If government does not give these incentives then it will not be possible to build the assembly plant,” he concluded.