Businesses have been charged to institute clear policies on the management of human capital to ensure institutional harmony. 

Labour consultant, Austin Gamey believes most businesses have over the year been confronted with costly disputes because of the lack of clear guidelines for Human Resource Manager in dealing with personnel disputes.

Speaking with JOY BUSINESS a while ago, Mr Gamey said boosting the expertise HR Managers is critical in averting disputes in the organisation.

"Having sufficient knowledge about labour relations especially and clean clear policies about how to manage the human capital integrated into the totality into the business of an organisation matters a lot in this contemporary age that we find ourselves," he said.  

He added that failure to have these policies in place as well as having a performance management system related to productivity and how to handle interdependency issues when they arise at the workplace, companies will always be open to going to the National Labour Commission. 

"There is a paradigm shift and one has to really think outside the box and not limit themselves to domesticating what they have been doing all the time at the workplace , you have to vary it," Mr Gamey said. 

Austin Gamey spoke with JOY BUSINESS at a forum for Chief Executives this Friday organised by the Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners.

President of the Institute, John Wilson wants top managers to support HR Practitioners in the area of skills improvement.

"The biggest challenge facing HR is the lack of support from top management in handling some of these issues, their own education and their own skills development," Mr Wilson said.

He said the Institute is urging organisations to choose the right practitioners, with the right background and periodical education of happenings in the field.