Earlier this month, Cardi B shared a photo of her collection of 23 Hermés Birkin bags. The luxury handbags are very hard to come by, so her picture went viral with people noting how popular the bags will become.

But, this week, after seeing one particularly racist comment about her coveted Birkin collection, the rapper took to Instagram to chew trolls questioning her purchases.

Cardi responded to a social media post that said that the Birkin bags have “literally lost their value” due to Black women rappers making them less “exclusive.”

Cardi, known for not letting snide comments fly, explained why that tweet was so offensive.

“I’ve been seeing this tweet right,” she said. “It had me and it had other female rappers on it. They were talking about if we could get Birkins from the Hermés store and they [were] also saying how we depreciate the value of a Hermés Birkin bag. I find that really interesting because, first thing first, I definitely could get a bag. Actually, I got four bags today from the Hermés store.”

She also called out people for questioning whether black women rappers could get Birkin bags, noting,“Y’all don’t do this to these white celebrities. Another thing is that they’re saying we’re depreciating the value. Actually, we add value because when we mention brands in hip-hop, s–t go up.”

To add an example to her point of hip-hop’s positive influence over brand sales, the rapper referenced the, “I like those Balenciagas/The ones that look like socks,” lines from her breakout 2017 single “Bodak Yellow” and their impact on Balenciaga sales. “That s–t went up too and that’s why they worked with me this year,” she said. “Like hip-hop, we start trends. When y’all say that we devalue s–t, no we actually add value.”

She wrapped up her PSA with a note to women who potentially feel pressured to go out and get a Birkin bag. “”Let me tell you something: if you’re a regular girl you don’t gotta break your neck to have a Birkin,” she said. “A Birkin don’t make you. A n—-a don’t give a f–k if you have a Birkin or Aldo purse.”