The Greater Accra Chairman of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) says the Tema West MP’s careless behaviour of going in public knowing he has tested positive for Covid-19 has demoralised health workers.

The former Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry disclosed on Asempa FM that he went to observe voters’ registration exercise at various centres because his doctor gave him the go ahead to move around even after testing positive though asymptomatic.

Dr Ernest Yorke, however, said that the Tema West MP’s decision to attend registration centres and walk about after knowing his positive status defies all the information and measures GMA and government have adopted to prevent the spread of the virus.

“It breaks my heart. Doctors and health workers are angry at what he did,” Dr Yorke said on the Super Morning Show, Friday.

“It has really demoralised us,” he added.

The chairman stressed that when one tests positive after a first test, but tests negative in the second test, he or she must still self- isolate because one can still become positive within 14 days.

After which, the person would have to self-isolate again for another week.

Therefore, Dr Yorke explained that even though Carlos Ahenkorah said his doctor gave him the go ahead to return back to normalcy, that advice goes against the protocols set and is wrong.

Appalled by Carlos Ahenkorah’s actions, the Chairman revealed that health workers are seriously bearing the brunt and that Covid-19 cases are putting pressure on the health system.

So people who do not adhere to the safety measures are not helping the problem.

Dr Yorke disclosed that many doctors have fallen victim to the virus and that has strongly impacted the fight against the virus so actions like Carlos Ahenkorah’s does not help in the fight against the virus.

“I can tell you on authority that close to about 100 of doctors in this country have been affected,” he said.

“PPEs are inadequate and we know this, that there’s a problem. We have limited facilities, lack of motivation, we are going through and bearing the brunt.”

Social media users also expressed their frustration and disappointment at the Tema West MP’s actions.

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