The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rabito Clinic, Professor Edmund Mwinyem Delle, has made donations to several institutions and opinion leaders in the Nandom Municipality.

The items included 103 Veronica buckets, 34 boxes of carbolic soap, 10 gallons of liquid soap, 24 mini gallons of surface sanitisers, 90 pieces of mini bottle hand sanitisers, 10 pieces of jumbo tissue paper, a public address system and some drugs.

Prof Delle, who is the former Chairman of the Convention People’s Party (CPP),  also donated 10 bags of 50kg rice and 10 gallons of 5 litter oil to heads of the royal families.

Dr Stephen Koya, who made the donations on his behalf said, “Covid-19 is real, radical and it is no respecter of creed, religion, appearance, culture, tradition, race, ethnicity, nationality, political or socio-economic state or status.”

“Corona Virus transcends everything and every people. In Ghana, for us, we have to religiously and meticulously plan, prepare, prevent and pray passionately, patiently and persevere to avert this disease.”

Dr. Koya added that, this donation is non-political, non-religious and non-aligned but a gesture to show concern and solidarity, philanthropism, leadership and accountable stewardship and giving back to the people of Nandom timely.

The Nandom Municipal Coordinating Director, Esther Abaching who received the donations on behalf of the Municipal Chief Executive, expressed her gratitude and assured the donor of putting the items to good use.

She added: “The public health emergency committee held series of meetings to draw a plan to enable us to stop the spread of the coronavirus and these items will go a long way to assist us to roll out the programme.

“The fight against Covid-19 is a collective effort to ensure the disease does not spread in the Nandom Municipality.”

The Director of the Nandom Municipal Health Services, Genevieve Yiripare on her part thanked the donor for showing concern regarding the health of the people.

She said: “Since we started the fight, it has been a fight against Covid-19 and Meningitis. We have been working together and our Municipal Chief Executive has planned well for the municipality.

“This support we have received today will go a long way to complement what is already being done. We will put all these donations to good use and we also wish to appeal to many more sons and daughters of Nandom and other philanthropists to come to our aid.

The beneficiaries of the donations include: Gbulu Chiir Royal family, St Theresa’s Hospital, Nandom Divisional Chiefs, All CHPS Compounds in the Municipality, Nandom Parish, Nandom Police, Orthodox Imam A and B, Ahmadiyya Imam, Wala Chief, Dagomba Chief, Wangara Chief, Fulani Chief, Sissala Chief and Moshie Chief.