In the latest twist to the abysmal maintenance culture in Ghana, the chiefs and people of Dunkwa have poured libation in the Offin river to ask for direction on how to fix an almost broken bridge in their town.

They have also asked the river to protect persons who use the ramshackle bridge.

According to the residents, calls to the Ghana Highway Authority to fix the bridge, which is hanging on its "last legs" and a virtual disaster waiting to happen, have fallen on deaf ears.

According to Solar FM News' Oppong Heavenson, the chiefs poured libation on the river to save the bridge from total collapse and to save the lives of the people.

The Dunkwahene Nana Obeng Nuako III explained to Adom News that doctors are refusing to attend to patients in surrounding towns and villages because they are afraid to use the bridge.

He indicated that the bridge has developed visible cracks while some concrete pillars which were built around the bridge have become very weak.

Nana Obeng Nuako III is also worried about the bad nature of the road leading to the town, further compounding the problem.

He has, therefore, called on the government to intervene to prevent any disaster.