Police on Tuesday retrieved chopped body parts of a woman allegedly murdered last year by her fetish priest husband in a bush near the scene of the murder at Laklevikope, near Denu in the Volta Region.

The dry body parts which were found in a sack were however without the head.

The victim was Agbodugbe Alorwoyi, a trader, 46 and a mother of four.

In the company of the police for the collection was Hunor Tsani Baniba, 42, alias Togbi Agbogada Gidzi, victim's husband and main suspect. He is now in police custody in Ho, alongside three others.

Thousands of people, who thronged the area to observe the collection of the parts, booed at the suspect.

A police source said the suspect admitted cutting the body into pieces for easy preservation for use in future rituals.

He however maintained that the head of the murdered woman was buried elsewhere, in a room, and an idol erected at the spot to erase suspicion.

Baniba's accomplices are Zikpi Agbahode, 30, a kente weaver, Ahorlu Eklo, 22 and Mawuli Agbashi, 19, both fishermen.

A 24-hour police guard had been maintained at Baniba's residence since October 2013, awaiting arrival of pathologists from Accra for examination of the body parts.

The deceased in 2013, was said to have advised her husband to own up to a sheep theft case, which the husband and the accomplices were involved.

Due to the advice, the husband quarreled with the deceased and she vacated the Laklevikope matrimonial home, where she lived with her two rivals including the accomplices.

For fear of the deceased exposing them, the suspects, hatched a plan to kill, her (Alorwoyi).

They (suspects) lured the deceased to the house at midnight and while supposedly escorting her back, Baniba stabbed her in the neck, killing her instantly.

Agbahode, Eklo and Agbashi then assisted in collecting the blood into a bowl, after which they severed the head and chopped the body into pieces.

Sensing they might not keep the murder secret, Hunor Tsani and Agbahode dispatched Eklo and Agbashi to Yeji, Brong Ahafo Region, to engage in fishing activities.

The two were however haunted by the spirit of the deceased until they revealed the case to their master who reported to police in Yeji.

They were escorted back to Denu after which Baniba and Agbahode were arrested.

A source close to the police said the area would remain under police guard until the murdered woman's head is exhumed.