The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has invited for questioning a Professor with the University of Education, Winneba who is calling on his countrymen to act against Ghanaians badmouthing of Nigerians.

Prof. Austin Nwagbara in a viral video said Nigerians should react in the wake of reports of crimes and kidnapping against them by withdrawing their manpower and financial investment to Ghana.

In the video, he said there is a bad image for Africa’s most populous country which they have to reverse through the press by using powerful media organisations available to them.

“There is active online and social media presence…let them come and take documentaries of experiences of Nigerians [in Ghana] and blast it all over the world. In three days Ghana will respond [this was greeted with claps and shouts of endorsements]…you cannot be here and suffering…

“…go to the students and business communities…come to the Embassy and confront the officials with information and air it and within one week I can tell you what is going to happen…the present Ghana government came on the back of Nigerian bashing…” he said.

According to the former visiting Professor to the University of Ghana (UG), Ghanaians have sold Nigerians as criminals and “we have bought it and that is why we are owning up to it.”

“We are bad just like any other community and we are good just like any other community so we cannot take ownership of bad and say it is ours. We are just like them…”

Sources tell Joy News the academic who reported himself in the company of Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana, Ambassador Micheal Olufemi Abikoye, was subjected to hours of interrogation. 

He has been charged with incitement to breach of peace and was released on bail and is expected to be reporting to the police periodically until a final determination of the case as investigators are currently preparing a docket on the matter.

Beyond the many provocative statements, the one-time visiting Professor to the University of Ghana (UG) from 2011/12, also launched into a tirade against universities in the country in general and UG in particular.

According to him, the Nigerian community takes care of 65% of UG’s budget as they pay a minimum of $10,000 per student.

“All the private universities everywhere [in Ghana]…we have this advantage that we supply to them, what are we getting in return, insults?” he said.

Prof. Nwagbara said he won’t pay 10% of the amount for his son or daughter to get a degree in a Ghanaian university.

But in a sharp rebuttal, UG said the claims relating to the University’s sources of income, students fees and the likes, are incorrect.

According to the Director of Public Affairs, Stella Amoah, his claims “do not in any way represent the true facts and figures of the University’s income and state of affairs.”

The University of Ghana has dissociated itself from what it describes as “mischievous” claims intended to mislead the public and harm University’s reputation.  

It said the public should treat the claims with the contempt it deserves.