Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana, (CIIG), has moved to ensure that the insurance sector in Ghana goes digital.

The latest is the CIIG’s Public Lecture on how digital insurance can improve insurance penetration in Ghana.

President of CIIG and convener of the public lecture in Accra, Rev. Asante Marfo-Ahenkora said, “When we look into our society today, digitization has come to stay and it’s permeating every aspect.”

As insurance people, we also need to sit back and see the impact it’s making on our lives and how it affects our businesses,” he said.

Rev. Marfo-Ahenkora added, “And so what this lecture sought to do was to give us a platform to discuss and get some experts to speak on the issue so that at our various companies we’ll begin to give digitization the right platform and attention.” 

Chief Executive of KEK Reinsurance Brokers Africa, Shaibu Ali, allayed fears that digitization is counter to brokerage businesses. 

He said, “the commercial lines are not exposed because everybody in his right senses would still want to deal with the human being who would sit down and then give advice and everything, negotiate and then arrive at a final conclusion.

But 25% is valuable enough for us to make sure that we don’t lose out on it.” Mr Ali added.

Chief Executive of Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Ken Ashigbey, on his part, has urged insurance companies to exploit technology to boost the current penetration which is under two percent.

Nature of insurance

The nature of general and life insurance is shifting as changing consumer behaviours and technological innovations threaten to disrupt established business models.

As new opportunities emerge, those insurance companies that advance fast enough to keep up with them will gain enormous value; the foot-draggers will fall further behind. To succeed in this new landscape, insurers need to take a structured approach to digital strategy, capabilities, and their transformation roadmap.

Principals in the insurance space are therefore determined to do more to reach an era of electronic transaction from policy underwriting to claims payment.