The Committee for Joint Action CJA is calling on President Mills to deal with issues of financial irregularities raised in the 2009 Auditor General’s report on the public accounts of Ghana.

The report covers activities of Ministries, Departments and Agencies. It says the country lost several millions of Ghana cedis during the first year of the Mills administration.

The CJA announced this at a news conference here in Accra Thursday.

The convener of the CJA, Mr Kwesi Adu quoted the Auditor-General as saying, “The irregularities have been recurring and they run through my report annually – a situation which I continue to find very disturbing.”

The Auditor-General’s report, according to Mr Adu, said, “Finding lasting solutions to the problems can save the nation millions of Ghana cedis, improve service delivery, tax payers and strengthen public confidence and trust in the accountability processes.”

The CJA said the country had lost well over GH¢2 million at its foreign mission thanks to the payment of ghosts – staff who receive salaries long after they have stopped working for the missions.

“We are concerned that outstanding loans and debts amounting to GH¢28, 984, 710, occurred mostly because CEPS failed to collect debts from liable companies, including four oil marketing companies with respect to the lifting of petroleum products,” Mr Kwesi Adu stated.

Source: Joy News/Ghana


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