A splinter group within the teachers associations in Ghana are threatening to pour out onto the streets again in protest over a supposed breach of faith.

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers Association masterminded a nationwide demonstration against widespread distortions in salaries under the new pay policy, the single spine salary structure (SSSS).

They returned to the classroom after a 15 per cent retention premium was negotiated as part of the SSSS.

But the coalition says they have cause to believe the 15 per cent retention premium promised by government will not be paid in March, contrary to government’s own promise.

Spokesperson of the group, Ernest Opoku told Joy News checks by his colleagues with sources at the Accountant General’s Office indicate the 15 per cent premium has not been added.

He accused government of reneging on its promise to teachers, swearing they will return to the streets to demand prompt payment and improvement of their salaries.

Opoku was equally angry with the leaders of the two main teacher associations who he insists have done little to negotiate better conditions for teachers.

He said tomorrow’s demonstration is to force the ineffective leaders of the associations out of office.