Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) has outdoored its customized African fabric as its corporate Monday wear for the staff of the bank.

Designed with the bank’s iconic logo and dynamic colours, the CBG Monday wear is part of the bank’s efforts to lead in innovation and actualize the country’s Wear Ghana initiative.

Speaking at the launch, Managing Director of CBG, Daniel Wilson Addo was passionate about what the cloth symbolizes for the bank.

“Today marks another day that we can say we did something different as a bank. Introducing another innovation to project the image of the bank makes me very proud.

CBG cloth

“With this new corporate wear, we are affirming our commitment to our customers and potential customers that we are ready to present CBG’s values, mission and vision throughout our service approach and customer experience’’.

Complimenting colleagues on their new look, Mr Addo advised all to present themselves well in the CBG cloth to project the brand well and as walking billboards for CBG.

“We are all looking beautiful in our new corporate wear for Mondays. Let us remember that as we wear this beautiful CBG cloth, we represent the brand. In everything that we do, let us remember our core values, mission and vision”, he concluded.

CBG cloth

In her remarks, Director of Human Capital, Esi Mmirba Wilson, said the inspiration behind the initiative to wear the African print on Mondays was to start the week with something Ghanaian as an innovative local bank.

“Management decided to make Monday the official day for our cloth because we are a Ghanaian bank that seeks to lift high our core values which include innovation.

CBG cloth

“Also, in the past few years, Ghana has promoted patronage for ‘Made In Ghana’ and to demonstrate that we are truly a Ghanaian bank, we wanted to promote this initiative by wearing it on Mondays instead of Fridays.”

An elated colleague, Nana Efienyi Kofi Yankah, expressed his excitement. “We are the first bank in Ghana to wear African prints on a Monday. It is a very positive sign that we are here for greater things to serve Ghanaians.

CBG cloth

“We feel very African and unique. Together, we share in this pride and joy as CBGians and proudly Ghanaian.’’

Highlight of the event included tasking of MD, Daniel and Deputy MD, Thiaru Ndugu to dress up a mannequin using the corporate cloth.

Staff also strut the red-carpet runway and posed for photographs in their CBG Monday wear.