An Apostle with the Church of Pentecost Mike Etrue has placed the burden of societal transformation squarely on the church. 

Speaking to more than 1,000 church leaders with the Kaneshie Area, the Apostle said “….the transformation of society cannot take place without the transformation of the church”

“….the world will listen to the testimony of a credible church, a church living out the values and principles of Christ”, he said in his opening address at Apostolisation 2019, a series of teachings by Apostles.

The Kaneshie Area Head told the congregation, it is longing for this transformed church which inspired the leadership of the church to settle on the church’s vision of ‘possessing the nation’.

A crucial part of this vision is setting up the church to have the capacity to achieve this, hence the vision has been themed out across five years.

The first theme already being imbibed is ‘I will build my church’.

He pointed out the church should not be an inward looking organisation, satisfied with holding services.

“The church is called out of the world to belong to God and sent back to the world to witness and serve”, he said.

The world, he said, is dominated by worldviews that run counter to the word of God. He picked out hedonism which is a pursuit of personal pleasures and circular humanism which is an attempt to set up society to function without God’s moral principles as examples of such contrary views.

These views cannot stand against a transformed church, he indicated and expressed his personal desire for such a church.

The Kaneshie Area wondered how “exciting” the society will be if the church realises its potential.

“If the church is able to rediscover its identity as originally given by God in the scriptures, and made alive and relevant by the Spirit of God, we could be in the most exciting times in history of the church”

Apostle Mike Etrue explained everything in this world is staked on the ability of the believer to understand what the church ought to be and his determination to make the necessary personal changes to respond to its higher calling.

He prayed that the Holy Spirit stirs up believers to wake up to the church’s dual role and finally possess the nations.

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