For the first time, Ghana has been hit with a pandemic. The Novel Wuhan Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 which was first reported in Wuhan, China has travelled all the way to this part of the world, killing thousands along its path.

As we followed the journey of this strange disease, concerns were raised about our readiness as a country should it get here and it seemed as if we had everything under control.

Well, long story short, Ghana has recorded some cases of the virus and it looks like an uphill climb to curtail this menace.

The announcements of the cases have been met with a lot of reactions; key among those are the “I-told-you-so” screaming Ghanaians who are literally preaching doom and reminding the country how much our leaders have failed us in failing to prevent this pandemic from getting into town.

The first lesson my swimming instructor taught me was this; “keep still, don’t panic in the water” and I think in these challenging times, we should all apply this theory.

First off, let’s stay calm. Managing an outbreak like this requires calm heads and steady hands, panicking all over will worsen the situation.

Also, those with followers on social media especially the journalists and opinion leaders, not forgetting our politicians; should be the ones to help calm people down.

So far, I have seen a few ranting, and their language, to say the least, is not comforting at all. We know that people are already on the edges, the least you can do is make it worse.

Thankfully, the mortality rate is very low, and there are chances of survival, and preventing further infections.

Let us calm down, stop pressing the panic button and join together to face this head-on.

It is possible, stay calm and make it possible.