Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre, Elikem Tamaklo

Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre has opened up on the reasons behind his decision to publicly announce his Covid-19 status.

According to Dr Elikem Tamaklo, the move was based on his bid to reduce stigma suffered by persons carrying the virus.

The Centre on June 6 announced Dr Tamaklo’s positive diagnosis which had also affected his family. It’s Media Liasion, Rita Agyeiwaa Rockson however added that “they are all well” adding that they had been “self-isolating together and are taking all the medical advice and precautionary measures.”

Their children are asymptomatic.

In the latest post, Dr Elikem Tamaklo outlined some of his experiences since contracting the virus.

He also revealed that “my symptoms were flu-like. I had a fever, I had sweats, my body was hating and I had some mild coughs but thankfully, me and my wife did not progress to having more difficult symptoms and we recovered after a week. My wife lost her sense of smell and still hasn’t regained that. But predominantly we are fine,” he said in a video.

The visibly healthy medical practitioner explained the need to express love and disregard any tendencies to shun persons with the disease.

“Let’s keep the community going even in this digital age. Our families and community are the bedrock of the support system that we all need…”This is not an easy thing. Even me, when we started the experience of having the diagnosis, my mind e\went into many different places

He also expressed appreciation for messages of goodwill coming through from all walks of life.

Dr Tamaklo, however, advised Ghanaians to adhere to safety protocols such as washing of hands under running water, social distancing and use of sanitisers.