The Women Intelligentsia for Service and Excellence (WISE Network Ghana) is concerned about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on career women in Ghana and across the world.

Holding a virtual seminar themed; “Taking up the leadership challenge during crises- How poised is the contemporary woman?”, Head of Risk and Operations at Fidelity Bank Limited, Theodora Senaya, charged women to stand out distinctly in their chosen fields of operation.

“We must, as women, exhibit the attributes of boldness and confidence in the assumption of leadership roles; the need to be digitally skilled, and the possession of good analytical skills to remain relevant and competitive in these uncertain times of the Coronavirus;” she stated.

Meanwhile, CEO of Ultimate Credit Solutions, Dzifa Ama Anyasor, has called for more collaboration among women groups and organizations to ensure the lot and welfare of women in the times of Covid-19 are not compromised.

“The need for collaboration among women and mentoring/coaching upcoming talent for future leadership positions, can’t be overemphasized. It is when we are together, fighting and supporting each mother for a just course, that we can survive all pressures and challenges the pandemic has brought our way as career women,” she explained.

While women were encouraged to embrace the challenge that leadership offered, they were admonished to be prepared to work twice as hard as their male counterparts, if they were to excel at their roles.

No excuses whatsoever were to be made to justify mediocre performance. The discussion also brought to the fore the fact that, statistically it had been proven that diversity had a better impact in the corporate world and board rooms.

Hence, as women aspire to take up higher leadership roles, men should give women the nod to be on boards, in political positions, and to hold high positions internationally.

The programe was initiated by Genevieve Pearl Consult and Tarragon Edge Limited, in partnership with The Women Intelligentsia for Service and Excellence (WISE Network Ghana).