Kate Hassan

Event Vendors Association of Ghana(EVAG) has appealed to government to support its members who were hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the association, even though its members made losses when the COVID-19 restrictions were announced, they however did not get any stimulus support from government.

The President of the Association, Kate Hassan told Joy Business the event industry is yet to fully recover from the negative impact of the COVID-19.

She spoke to Joy Business at the launch of the fourth edition of Ghana’s Event Industry Conference (G.E.I.C).

Ms. Hassan revealed that a lot of money is being put into restoring the industry without external assistance.

“The kind of work we do is chain value but due to the pandemic we cannot engage other parties to help us to build our props and our stages because of the money issues, to me and my people, it’s not back to normal. We do not get the right numbers we need compared to some time back because people are still scared of the covid-19”, she said.

To attract government support, Ms. Hassan urged all event organizers in the country to join EVAG to enable the association influence policy direction.

On the itinerary for the year, she called on stakeholders to contribute to the growth of the association.

“We have platforms and we are still educating our people, we are entreating them to join for us to work closely and come together “She added

The Ghana Event Industry Conference is a platform created for operators in the events industry to form synergies and share knowledge.