In its effort to woo more votes’ the Presidential ticket of the Convention People’s Party has begun a programme title “CPP Breaking News Series”. This is aimed at bringing out pressing issues troubling the minds of people of Ghana.

The Part I of the Breaking News Series was organized on Friday and was addressed by the Vice Presidential Candidate of the Party Nana Akosua Frimpomaa Sarpong Kumankumah. She stated that, as a political party that believes in the welfare of the Ghanaian especially the Youth, we cannot look unconcerned as the people of Ghana continue to be treated unfairly.

“The Concern, we are putting across today is simple and brief”.
The fact of the matter is that, government has signed a contract with an entity known as Better Ghana Management Service Limited BGMSL, to pay sixty five thousand Youth for whatever job they undertake with a certain amount every month and in that sense their monies varies, ranging between GHC 80 and GHC 120.

BGMSL in November 2011 entered into an agreement with the NYEP to pre finance the arrears of workers under the programme. But almost a year after the programme, beneficiaries are being owed five month salary arrears which amounts to a violation of the contract.

“We have called you here to put across this issue because it is troubling the minds of people of Ghana”. First, as a political party that believes in the welfare of the Ghanaian especially the Youth, we cannot look unconcerned as the people of Ghana continue to be treated unfairly. This is absolutely injustice to the youth if we claim to be living in a just society.

However the government in reimbursing Better Ghana Management Services Limited pays with interest, in this regard, it is expected that every youth working under this contract must be paid his or her salary at the end of every month. But this has not been the case.

The sixty five thousand Youth currently have five good months salary arrears to be paid them. Our interest as a political party with the interest of the Youth at heart is this, since Better Ghana Management Services Limited has failed to pay these Youth the little that is due them and has waited for this to accumulate to five months, we see no reason why the government should once again pay through them to the Youth.

Government pays Better Ghana Management Services Limited an amount of GHC 250 per head. In actual fact this money should have been paid to the Youth from the onset. But this is given to GBMS and they pay the Youth less this amount and we would have had no problem if Better Ghana was able to pre-finance these Youth every month as agreed in the contract signed with government.

This development is serious and very disturbing if we live in a country where the salaries of MPs have been increased about hundred percent. We believe this should be corrected immediately.

We are therefore appealing to the government of Ghana to as a matter of urgency pay the GHC 250 amount per every youth directly to them and not through any middle man. We are saying this because we are much aware that government has given indication that they will be paying the Youth very soon.

The scenario is like this, going to the bank to request for a loan, after completing all documentations and you want to repay the loan in two years, you are told that you should pay the interest on the loan for the two year and when the two years elapse they give you the loan, what a cheat can that be.

We as a matter of urgency call on the NYEP to do the right thing as the remedies for default under the contract states as follows:

6.1 Where an event of default is deemed to have occurred the party not in default may, after the expiry date of thirty days notice to the defaulting party

i. Suspend the agreement or
ii. Terminate the Agreement stating the reason for the termination.

Nana Frimpomaa Kumakuma Sarpong is however calling for the abrogation of the contract between the National Youth Employment Programme and Better Ghana Service Management Limited with immediate effect for breach of contract by the latter.

Ghana must work again. Yabre.
Long Live Ghana, Long Live CPP.