Castro and D-Black (Credit: Instagram - @dblackgh)

Rapper D-Black has taken to his social media pages to share with his fans and followers some pictures he took with Hiplife artiste Castro before his disappearance.

The two prior to Castro’s disappearance were good friends and at the time had two hit songs ‘Seihor’ and ‘Personal Person’ enjoying massive play on radios and at other events.

Among the photos he shared were pictures taken on the set for the music video for both songs.

Other pictures include Castro with D-Black and other mutual friends with the caption “The last few weeks spent with Fiifi ~ 2014.”

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D-Black shared the pictures to mark the seventh year since Castro and his friend Janet Badu disappeared.

The rapper who was close friends with the Hiplife artiste in an earlier interview revealed that he took a break from the music industry following the disappearance of his friend and colleague on July 14, 2014.

According to him, he had been close to the artiste, and they had scheduled to play a lot more shows together before the unfortunate incident happened.

On Joy FM’s Drive Time on Tuesday said, D-Black told Lexis Bill that after Castro was reported missing, he found it difficult to continue his work, so he needed a break.

Castro is dead, legally

On the seventh anniversary of his disappearance, the Hiplife artiste, born Theophilus Tagoe, was presumed dead, legally.

According to the Evidence Act, 1975 (N.R.C.D. 323) when a person has not been heard from in seven years despite the efforts to search for that person, he or she will be presumed dead.

Section 33 of Act titled, ‘Death after seven years absence’, reads, “where a person has not been heard of for seven years despite diligent effort whether or not within that period, to find that person, that person is presumed to be dead. There is no presumption as to the particular time when that person died.”

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