Residents of Damongo in the Northern Region may have to look else where for water as their source of water, the Akpeteshie dam is drying up.

The town with a population of 11, 258 according to the 2010 population census depends on four mechanized boreholes with the Akpeteshie dam serving the larger community.

Majority of the residents depend on the Akpeteshie dam as their source of water since 2003 when the Ghana Water Company Limited stopped producing water.

Since then the residents have had to suffer during the dry season which spans from October to May each year in search for water.

The dam is called Akpeteshie because it was the source of water for the brewing of the local gin Akpeteshie.

But the dam became very important to the residents when the GWCL dam dried up in 2003 forcing the company to stop the production of potable water.

People depend on the dam during the dry season as their source of water, but the dam now requires dredging to save it from mud which is gradually taking over.

Residents fear they could lose the only dam serving the whole Damongo township.